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Top Features to Add to Your Bathroom When Remodeling

Posted by Helene McQuaide on 15th July 2019

Not so long ago, all bathrooms looked pretty much the same. If you had a basic toilet, sink, bathtub and shower, you had everything you needed. Today, homeowners aren’t satisfied with just the basics. Bathroom designers have responded to their demands with an array of innovative products and features sure to make your renovated Pittsburgh bathroom comfortable, attractive and luxurious.

A Steam Shower

Steam showers turn your bathroom into the ultimate home spa. The showers moisturize your skin, clear your sinuses, improve blood circulation, reduce stress and relax tight muscles. A steam generator concealed behind the wall turns boiling water into steam and releases it into the shower at the touch of the button. You can enjoy the benefits of steam before or after you take a shower or turn on the steam function while you shower. Customize your steam shower by adding speakers, lighting and a pump that releases soothing aromatherapy oils.

Heated Floors

There’s nothing worse than getting out of your warm bed in the morning and stepping on to your freezing cold bathroom floor. Although the cold floor will certainly help you wake up quickly, it’s not the most relaxing start to the morning. Luckily, your remodeler can help you keep your feet warm by installing water-filled heating coils or an electric mat under the floor. If you program the heating feature to turn on a few minutes before you usually wake up, you’ll never worry about cold feet again.

Soaking Tub

If baths are your favorite form of relaxation, you’ll want to consider adding a soaking tub to your bathroom renovation. Soaking tubs are deep enough to cover your entire body without slouching. Most are 20” deep or deeper and are designed to accommodate two adults. They’re available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials that coordinate with your bathroom decorating scheme. For the ultimate soaking experience, upgrade your tub with lights, in-line heating, jets or underwater speakers.

High-Tech Toilet

Even toilets are high-tech these days. Upscale models offer built-in bidets and nightlights, motion-activated lids and seats, deodorizers, music features, dryers, heated seats and massage features that can be controlled with a remote.

Smart Features

Adjust the water in your shower or keep up with latest news while you get ready for work, thanks to a variety of voice-activated or smartphone controlled devices. Use smart features to:

  • Turn on your shower from your bed and choose one of your pre-programmed temperature
  • Ignite your fireplace or fire feature.
  • Keep up with the latest Netflix show with a waterproof TV and remote.
  • Activate your faucets simply by waving your hand in front of them.
  • Set the mood by listening to your favorite playlist or radio station through waterproof speakers.
  • Keep up with news or surf the Internet with a smart mirror that switches from a traditional mirror to a WiFi-enabled digital device.

Is your bathroom old, inconvenient or outdated? The design/build professionals at Master Remodelers can help you create the ultimate family or master suite bathroom. Get in touch with us to discuss your visions for your new bathroom.



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