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7 Popular Bathroom Vanity Colors for your Home Remodel

Posted by Helene McQuaide on 7th February 2022

Bathroom vanity colors are a hot topic among designers and homeowners who want to create the spa-like bathrooms of their dreams. It’s one thing to look back at lists of the popular vanity colors 2021 gave us, but this is 2022 and it’s important to think beyond that as well. Ideally, your bathroom vanity colors should delight you for years to come. The bathroom vanity has to look great and fit well with the color scheme and design you’ve picked for the rest of your spa bathroom remodel. So, when considering the best colors for bathroom cabinets, don’t think of them as an isolated element apart from the rest of the room; think of them as a seamless continuation of the theme you’ve chosen from the light fixtures and tiles to the shower and tub, etc. So, let’s talk about some of the top bathroom vanity color trends today, and how they might fit into your bathroom remodeling project.

1. Bathroom Vanity Color Trends Inspired by Pantone

Every year, the color mavens at Pantone, the color authority for designers, choose a top color for the year. They also choose colors that mix and match in fresh, appealing ways. So, check the Pantone oracle before you embark on any Pittsburg home remodeling project, including your bathroom color scheme. This year’s top color is “Very Peri,” a gorgeous periwinkle shade that would definitely look great in your bathroom design. Pantone developed this new version of periwinkle to evoke the calm feeling of blue with just a hint of the kinetic energy that red brings to the table—or, rather, your bathroom vanity.


2. Blue Bathroom Vanities

Continuing the riff on blue in the bathroom, varying shades of blue continue to be extremely popular. From the light sky, eggshell, ocean, and rain-blue tones to rich cobalt and navy, there is certainly a blue for your vanity that will fit a blue-toned bathroom theme or a bathroom where the blue tone you like is complementary to another shade. Pantone suggests complementing with warm “chai tea” or “celery” yellows this year.


3. Black Bathroom Vanities

Although a lot of people ask us if bathroom cabinets should be lighter or darker than the walls, you can choose to go either way. But if you are hankering for a black vanity, we do suggest lightening it up in other areas of the bathroom. Black vanities are bold, elegant, and luxurious and work great with a wide variety of color schemes. Of course, there are also different types of black, so you’re not locked into a complete and total lack of color here.


4. White Bathroom Vanities

Traditionally, white has been the most popular bathroom vanity color for years. It never really goes out of style, and there are many different kinds of white, not just “paper” white. Because it’s been so popular for so long, there is always the danger of overusing it. That’s why it can be helpful to consider other forms of white that have elements of gray or beige in them, depending on whether you want a warmer or cooler white vanity in your bathroom.

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5. Green Bathroom Vanities

Bringing nature into your bathroom design is a hot trend that isn’t going away anytime soon because nature never goes out of style. A host of greens, from sage and light pine to seafoam and mint are very popular. Pantone even recommends blending their “Granite Green”, “Greenbriar” or “Tourmaline” green shades with Very Peri this year. Green is a relaxing color that definitely contributes to a spa feeling.


6. Brown to Beige Bathroom Vanities

And speaking of nature, beiges and browns that evoke natural wood tones or desert colors are in high demand for bathrooms this year. From rosy beiges to dark chocolates, browns bring warmth into the bathroom, which can be especially welcome on cold winter days. Again, browns are natural, they blend with a wide variety of other colors and can fit into almost any nature-inspired bathroom design scheme.


7. Purple Bathroom Vanities

Yes, purple. Think royal and luxurious. Also, that popular periwinkle color this year can be considered a type of purple, so it fits well within this bathroom vanity color scheme. As in the rest of the home, 2022 is seeing a rise in popularity of deeper, darker, richer colors. Think blackberry or currant, lavender or orchid and you’ll have a bathroom vanity that attracts attention and makes you feel like royalty every day.


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