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When We Win, You Win – Why Awards Matter When Choosing a Pittsburgh Home Remodeler

Posted by Helene McQuaide on 17th April 2018

Narrowing your list of Pittsburgh home remodelers can be a little challenging when every company claims to offer innovative design, superior craftsmanship and excellent value. If you’re looking for a deciding factor, consider awards. Although they may not initially seem like a major consideration in your decision, awards offer valuable information about a remodeling company.

Which Awards Matter?

Actually, all awards matter. The plaque from the local Little League team or the sponsorship award from the area hospital may not be related to the company’s design and building expertise, but those awards still provide valuable information. Companies that are active in the community are more likely to understand what local homeowners want and need. Thanks to their local contacts, they’re often the first to know when a zoning or building code change is about to occur and can make changes or recommendation to your project based on that knowledge.

Community recognition is certainly important, but awards for building and design will obviously have a more significant impact on your decision. Although Little League awards were probably given to every business that made a donation, building awards aren’t handed out quite so freely.

Award competitions are judged by your builder’s peers. Impartial building and design professionals pore over designs, specifications, descriptions and photographs to determine which companies truly demonstrate outstanding ability and a knack for creating eye-catching designs. The awards don’t just recognize the company’s work, but also provide a little peace of mind to homeowners looking for companies that take pride in their work.

What Type of Information Can I Learn from Awards?

Remodeling companies are understandably proud of their awards and often feature details about their award-winning projects on their websites and in their blogs and newsletters. Every time they do, you receive valuable information about their processes and the quality of their work. When Master Remodelers won Pittsburgh Magazine’s award for Best Outdoor Space 2018, we were thrilled to share information about the project with our newsletter readers.

Although we received the award for Best Outdoor Space, the project also involved expanding the home, building a first-floor powder room and butler’s pantry, adding an exercise room, and updating the kitchen so that it flowed seamlessly into the living space. The award-winning outdoor area featured a full-width addition and French doors that connected the indoor and outdoor spaces. Adding a remote-controlled, smokeless gas fireplace to one end of the porch increased privacy and proved to be a very popular feature on cool evenings.

When you read award descriptions and articles and view photographs, pay careful attention to these details:

  • Homeowner Preferences: What were the homeowners’ remodeling priorities? Do you think the finished project achieved those goals?
  • Project Scope: How large was the project? How well do you think the company executed the work?
  • Appearance: Is the finished work attractive? Do the rooms complement the rest of the house, or do they look out of place?
  • Functionality: Is the space as functional as it is attractive?
  • Innovation: Did the company use any creative techniques or design choices?

Award-winning Master Remodelers can help you transform your master bedroom into a luxurious suite or turn your dreary Mt. Lebanon basement into the ultimate game room. Call us to discuss your remodeling needs.