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The Top 6 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Posted by Helene McQuaide on 29th January 2021

Perfect kitchen renovations bring show-stopping design with beautiful craftsmanship and enhanced features designed to make your time in the kitchen that much more enjoyable. However, if you're not careful, you might find yourself making kitchen remodeling mistakes. These mistakes are not always easily fixed. It's not like painting over the line and wiping it off. It might require a complete redo of the area you're working on. Of course, if you haven't performed a kitchen update before you might now know what these common kitchen remodel mistakes are. Well, one of the best ways to avoid a bad kitchen remodel is to know what to avoid. Here are just a few of the kitchen remodel mistakes and problems you will want to avoid when remodeling in Pittsburgh.

1. Form Over Function

If you've been watching design programs or home renovation shows you probably have a long checklist of items you'd like to add to your renovated kitchen. Having this list is nice, but you want to avoid designing your kitchen with form in mind instead of function. Your kitchen, ultimately, needs to be a functional room. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is focusing too much on the form and not enough on the function. By avoiding this mistake you'll avoid one of the biggest pitfalls of a kitchen remodel.


2. Renovating The Kitchen Yourself

The television programs really make home renovations look easy, don't they? Sure, some updates are easy enough to do on your own, but a full kitchen renovation is not one of them. A single hiccup while installing subway tile can cause the entire wall to look off. By the time you realize what's going on you might have just blown a few hundred bucks on a crooked backsplash you now need to replace. So if you're planning any kind of major kitchen renovation save yourself the headache and time by going with a well-reviewed kitchen contractor.


3. Not Planning Your Lighting Design

It doesn't matter how beautiful your bathroom design might be, without proper lighting it can be all for naught. Think of the last art gallery you went to. You probably weren't thinking of the lighting setup, but proper lighting helps properly showcase each work of art. Your kitchen in itself is a work of art, and it needs to be displayed as such. The lighting shouldn't be too bright and yet you should have lighting that shows off your kitchen and makes it possible to perform inside the room. Lighting is the accent your room absolutely needs.


4. Forgetting Storage Space

Storage space isn't glamorous. It doesn't turn heads like show-stopping countertops or that refrigerator that lets you see through (while giving your phone updates on if you need more milk or not). However, forgetting storage space is one of the biggest no-nos of kitchen designs you'll want to avoid. Storage space is key in keeping your room looking clean and tidy. Too many pots and appliances thrown about the counter takes away from the overall look of the kitchen, makes it look cluttered, and it takes away from prep space, which is always at a premium whenever the holidays come around.


5. Not Maximizing Storage Space

There are all kinds of factors to consider for kitchen remodeling, including cabinet features. You already know you have plenty of storage space, but there are ways to maximize this space with some upgrades. You might see these upgrades and the marginal cost attached to it and decide on either saving the money or putting it elsewhere. However, Lazy Susans and pull-out pantries make life so much easier, and it can elevate your storage space. These kinds of updates are well worth the added cost.


6. Not Considering Your Kitchen Appliances

One mistake many kitchen designers make is not considering their kitchen appliances early on. Updating kitchen appliances goes hand-in-hand with any remodel. However, inexperienced remodelers will pick out the appliances after the design instead of before. Problem is you might have an odd space left for the fridge, which means the fridge will either have too much of a gap next to the counter, or it might stick out too far. It's better to avoid these kinds of issues by designing your renovation with specific kitchen appliances, or at least specific appliance measurements in mind. This way, everything will fit perfectly.


Design The Perfect Kitchen Update

The best way to go about a kitchen update and avoid possible mistakes is to work with the best kitchen remodelers in Pittsburgh. By giving our team a call we will work with you from the initial design phase all the way through the completion of the renovation as well as any updates you might want to make along the way. So, whatever size kitchen you might have or however you may want to update it, we will help you every step of your kitchen remodel process. It all starts with a single call to our team.


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