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Phase 2 Mt. Lebanon Luxury Home Renovation: Complete!

Posted by Helene McQuaide on 5th September 2015

It’s a fact of life that a family’s needs and wants evolve over time. Over nearly three decades, many of our projects have accommodated these changes and dreams for the future.

Back in 2010 and in time for their son’s high school graduation pool party, we unveiled a luxurious new kitchen, plus pool patio enhancements, for this family. This year the couple invited us to upgrade the rest of the first floor to that same award-winning and luxury standard. (Read more on Houzz.com about this 2010 project).

Now, with their sons out of college, this Mt. Lebanon couple wanted to renovate the rest of the first floor of their Tudor home to serve a variety of needs and create a fresh, luxurious and modern look.

Above left, the new office looking through the new laundry area toward the new family room.


The vision for this Mt. Lebanon home renovation

This Phase 2 design-build project updates the remaining two thirds of the first floor and includes a family room, reading room, billiard room, office, laundry and powder room. The couple envisioned a higher level of luxury, efficiency and technology. Functionally, the laundry room moved up from the basement, with high performance washer and dryer and working space; the wife got a more efficient home office, including display shelves. And the powder room moved into the hallway with the new laundry room. (Below, hallway shared by powder room and laundry, looking toward new office)

Aesthetically, the couple wanted all new finishes and wall treatments. Plus, the renovation features all new artwork, furniture and two new, custom stained glass windows. (Below, new reading room with custom stained glass window)

Features & challenges of this luxury home renovation

The family room and office required improved insulation and custom HVAC solutions because both of these spaces were old additions not up to the standards of the rest of this sturdy Tudor. All new Pella windows also improved the energy efficiency of these rooms. (Below, new family room adjacent to kitchen)

In the family room above—formerly a solarium addition—the couple wanted the sunken floor raised to the kitchen level for a smooth room transition. Plus, the Jerusalem limestone flooring had to come from the same vein of limestone for a perfect match to the 2010 kitchen. The existing rafters required some engineering and carpentry work to eliminate the solarium look while keeping the supports strong. With the roof at the end of its life, a new roof and insulation capped the room off.

This renovation also features a deluxe LED lighting plan with four levels of lighting—from recessed lights to picture lights—all of which are controlled individually.

Find out more about our unique Design-Build process which ensures that renovations and home additions go smoothy, predictably and happily.

Aesthetic continuity, plus bold features

The boldest interior design touch shows in the colors and patterns of the billiard room below.

Throughout, paint colors are extraordinarily rich. For maximum color depth and strong bonding, the painting process included 7 steps: primer, sealer, 3 paint coats, glazing and sealing again.

All materials in Phase II of the renovation were carefully matched to the 2010 kitchen renovation. In the photo above notice the exact match of the limestone flooring going into the family room, as well as the same rift-sawn oak woodwork precisely stained to match the kitchen. Doors and woodwork throughout match the kitchen cabinets from Phase I, including hardware. Counter surfaces in Phase 2 also are an exact match for the Sucuri granite counters in the kitchen.

Above, the wet bar area of the 2010 kitchen renovation, which shaped the materials selection for this Phase II Mt. Lebanon home renovation.


Before and After renovation photos

Below are two examples of the stylistic transformation of this home in Phase II. Note that the billiard room replaced the dining room in the front of the house. Find more striking Before and After photos in our portfolio.



Partial product listing for this home renovation

Sahara Gold limestone with honed finish; Sucuri granite countertops; radiant PEX tube under floor heating; Pella windows