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How to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Posted by Helene McQuaide on 13th September 2019

Preparation is the key to success, whether you’re writing a proposal at work or protecting your Pittsburgh home from winter weather. These essential fall home maintenance and cleaning tasks can often be done in a weekend or two and are invaluable in keeping your home comfortable and secure when the cold winds begin to blow.

Look for Signs of Trouble

Cracks in basement windows, loose caulk around windows and doors, clogged gutters, holes in flashing and other maintenance issues may seem like minor problems, at least initially. Unfortunately, if you don’t tackle these maintenance issues now, you may be facing costly repair bills this winter. Even small leaks can damage walls, ceilings and floors and cause mold to form.

Exterior leaks aren’t the only cause for concern. Leaking pipes, drains or sprinklers can also cause big problems. According to data from The Travelers Companies, 20 percent of property losses resulted from non-weather water claims, while weather-related issues caused 11 percent of claims. Drain water from outdoor faucets and sprinklers to avoid damage caused by freezing pipes.

Holes and cracks also make it easy for mice, squirrels and insects to invade your home. A top-to-bottom inspection of the interior and exterior of your home is a simple way to identify areas that need repaired or replaced.

Break Out Your Cleaning Supplies

Although most people think of spring as the prime cleaning season, a good fall cleaning can help prepare your home for the months ahead. Gather brooms, mops, sponges and other supplies and tackle:

  • Furniture: Brush off dust and debris and clean outdoor furniture and grills before storing them for the winter. Once everything’s clean, move furniture to the garage, shed or basement. Although manufacturers may claim that furniture can handle any type of weather, fading and increased wear is more likely to occur if chairs, tables and other furniture aren’t stored during the fall and winter.
  • Your Outdoor Spaces: Sweep and clean patios, balconies and decks after you remove the furniture. Don’t forget to look up when you’re cleaning. Spiders love to spin webs near light fixtures and under porch roofs.
  • The Windows: Windows can get grimy after a long, hot summer. Cleaning them inside and out will improve your view of the fall foliage.

Test Your Furnace

You may not know that there’s a problem with your heating system if you don’t test it before you really need it. Scheduling a service visit before the weather turns cold can help you avoid unpleasant surprises. In addition to changing filters, the technician will also replace worn parts of your furnace or boiler, look for gas or carbon monoxide leaks, and evaluate the efficiency of your system.

Is your home as cozy and comfortable as it could be? Wear and tear can take a toll on any house. Fortunately, a remodeling project can improve the comfort of your home and much-needed space and amenities. Contact us to learn how our innovative design/build process can help you enjoy your home.


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