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How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in the Pittsburgh Area?

Posted by Helene McQuaide on 18th December 2020


If you’re considering starting a Pittsburgh bathroom remodeling project, you’re probably wondering how much you’ll need to spend to get everything on your wish list. A realistic cost estimate will help you ensure you get all of the features you want.

What Can I Expect to Pay?

You'll pay an average of $21,044 for a mid-range bathroom remodel and $66,317 for an upscale bathroom renovation in the Pittsburgh area, according to the Cost vs. Value Report. Why such a big difference between the two figures? That $21,044 will get you a new bathtub, a standard white toilet, solid surface vanity counter with sink, ceramic tile floor and vinyl wallpaper. In other words, you’ll spend $21,000 for a basic, boring bathroom. If you just want another bathroom, this may work for you. But if you want any sort of custom feature or quality features, this price is not realistic.

For $66,317, you can expect to expand the size of a standard bathroom from 35-square-feet to 100-square feet, plus relocate all of the fixtures. Your new bathroom will feature a separate shower with body spray fixtures and a high-end soaking tub. If you chose the less expensive remodel with just one sink, squabbles about the morning bathroom schedule would become a daily occurrence for you and your spouse or significant other.

The upscale bathroom mentioned in the report includes two sinks set in a stone countertop, a custom drawer base and wall cabinets. Ceramic tile, in-floor heating, quality faucets and other thoughtful touches set this option apart.

Quality Matters

The difference in quality is immediately obvious the moment you step into an upscale remodeled bathroom. From custom-made cabinets to little touches that increase your enjoyment of the room, such as aromatherapy soaking tubs, waterproof TVs and showers that can be controlled with your smartphone, these bathrooms spare no expense.

Forget about laminates that only pretend to be wood or stone. Every surface in an upscale bathroom renovation is made with the highest quality natural materials. Unlike cheaply made products, you can expect them to last years without showing any wear. Sure, you’ll pay more for higher quality products but why settle for good enough when luxury is within your reach?

Size Matters Too

The cost of your bathroom remodel is also influenced by the final size of the room. The bigger it is, the more you’ll spend, particularly if you plan to relocate fixtures. Torn between keeping your bathroom the same size or enlarging it? Consider how you use it. A slightly larger bathroom may be all you need if you spend a minimal amount of time in the room. If you enjoy long soaks in the tub and view the room not just as functional but restorative, you’ll probably want to significantly expand the space to allow ample room for a multi-head steam shower and a soaking tub big enough to stretch out in.

If standard is what you want then the Cost vs. Value report is a great resource. However, even it does not account for the best natural materials, smart technology, or an even larger space. The fact we would like to point out is that if you have a gorgeous home and want the best bathroom, you should treat it like an investment and not be afraid of higher costs for higher quality. Although you can get a rough idea of renovation expenses by reviewing online resources, the answer comes down to that the cost of your project will depend on many different factors.

That's where we come in. If you are interested in remodeling your home in Pittsburgh, we can help you determine exact costs. When you are ready to get started, let us know. We’ll spend some time talking to you about your needs and wants and provide a realistic estimate for your new bathroom.



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