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Do Reviews Matter When Choosing a Home Remodeler?

Posted by Helene McQuaide on 2nd August 2019

Thanks to the Internet, it’s never been easier to share your opinions with the world. Reading online reviews is an excellent way to decide if you really want to try that hot new restaurant or buy a high-tech gadget for your home. Reviews can also help you decide which contractors to contact if you’re planning to remodel your Pittsburgh home.

Reviews Give You a Glimpse of the Remodeling Process

Whether they’re complimenting a contractor for a job well done or complaining about a delay, reviewers often share lots of details about their remodels. When you read reviews on Houzz, Facebook, Yelp or other sites, look for information about:

  • The Contractor/Client Relationship: Was it easy to work with the remodeler? What was the communication process like? Were the contractor’s employees professional and friendly? How did the contractor handle changes or challenges during the remodeling process? Was the price fair? (Some sites, like Houzz, list general project prices so that you can determine if the contractor handles renovations in your price range.)
  • Quality: Were the clients happy with the quality of the work? Did the project involve any special finishes, features or custom work? How long did it take to finish the project? Were any issues with the remodel resolved quickly and satisfactorily?
  • Little Details: Sometimes the most important information is found in seemingly minor details. Did the designers offer creative suggestions to maximize the square footage, or did the contractors meticulously clean the work area every day?

Many review sites also give contractors the opportunity to respond to reviews. Their responses are just as important as the reviews. Companies that care about customer opinions and feedback take the time to respond, even if the review is negative.

But Are Reviews Accurate?

Have you ever been a little skeptical after reading a review of a book that received 100 percent positive feedback? No matter how well-written, it’s unlikely that everyone will absolutely love the same book. Whether the reviews were written by friends and family members or even submitted by the author himself, it’s obvious that they were designed to bolster the writer’s reputation.

The same can be true of business reviews. Although most companies wouldn’t dream of creating fake reviews, some aren’t quite so scrupulous. If every review on the site is unbelievably positive and uses the same language, they may be written by the same person.

Real reviews point out the good and the bad. After all, even the best planned projects can encounter a few snags. When you’re remodeling an old home, you never know what challenges you’ll find lurking behind the walls or under the floors. Skilled remodelers have plenty of experience handling unexpected problems and can quickly address and correct any issues that arise.

The Bottom Line on Reviews

Reviews can provide valuable information on remodeling contractors and help you narrow your search, but they shouldn’t be the only consideration when evaluating remodelers. The company’s portfolio, references from clients and your impression after meeting the contractors, in addition to online reviews, will help you choose the ideal remodeler to handle your renovation.

Have you read all the reviews and are ready to take the next step in your remodeling plans? The design/build team at Master Remodelers can help you transform or improve your home. Contact us if you’re ready to start the remodeling process.


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