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Christmas in Pittsburgh: How to Make It Amazing

Posted by Helene McQuaide on 6th December 2017

Christmas is just as much about the experience as it is the gifts. Memories of trimming the Christmas tree, wrapping gifts and baking holiday cookies in your Pittsburgh area or Peters Township kitchen will last much longer than the presents. Here are a few tips that will make your Christmas one that you’ll remember for years.

Think Outside the Box

Brightly wrapped presents under the Christmas tree are the quintessential holiday image. Would you like to make your stash of gifts look more impressive? Consider one of these tips:

  • Select a Color Scheme: Wrap all of the packages in a single color or use a combination of two compatible colors, such as red or silver or green and white.
  • Forget About the Usual Wrapping Paper: Wrap gifts in brown paper tied with a burlap bow for a rustic touch, or use a few yards of red plaid flannel to cover your family’s presents.
  • It’s All About the Bows: Bows add the finishing touch to holiday gifts. When it comes to bows, the bigger and more elaborate, the better. Check out Pinterest for a few ideas on festive do-it-yourself bows.

Look for Events the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Even ultra-cool teens will usually consent to participating in a few traditional Christmas activities. Whether you plan to gather the whole gang together to make cookies, take in the light displays at Phipps Conservatory, try a little holiday ice skating at the MassMutual Pittsburgh Ice Rink at PPG Place or watch a cheesy holiday movie in the family room, you’ll remember the time you spend together for years to come.

Take Advantage of the Latest Lighting Trends

Abundant lighting choices make it easy to create the perfect holiday atmosphere inside or outside your home. In addition to white and multi-colored lights, manufacturers also offer strings of lights in a single color. LED lights, the latest trend in Christmas lights, last much longer than incandescent lights and never feel hot to the touch. They’re available in a variety of shapes, colors or sizes that make it incredibly easy to incorporate this lighting choice into your decorating scheme.

If you don’t have time to string lights around your eaves and over your trees, you may want to consider hiring a decorating company to care of the job for you. Companies like Jolly Holly Lights or Elf Entertainment will design, install and remove your lighting installation, leaving you more time to enjoy the holiday season.

Revamp Your Holiday Decorations

Is it hard to tell which Christmas is which when you look at old photos because the decorations are exactly the same? Although most holiday decorations aren’t replaced until they’re threadbare or falling apart, there’s no reason why you can’t occasionally make a few changes to your decorating scheme.

Replace the pine boughs on the mantel with a selection of white candles, stars and white-tipped pinecones, or line the mantel with favorite photos from Christmases past in red and green frames. Choosing a theme, such as elves, reindeer or a retro Christmas can make it easier to ensure that each room in your home complements the next.

Do you have the perfect holiday decorating scheme in mind, but just need a little more room to carry out your plans? Master Remodelers can help you make the most out of your available space or even add more square footage to your home with an addition. Contact us to learn how we can help you improve and enhance your living space.