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Balancing Cost and Quality When Remodeling

Posted by Helene McQuaide on 20th September 2018

Your budget is the most important part of your home remodel. Although no one likes to make frivolous expenditures, skimping on quality can affect your enjoyment of your home. If you’re planning to begin an Pittsburgh remodel soon, keep these things in mind when you create your budget.

Quality Doesn’t Come Cheap

The best products and finishes are also the most expensive. You’ll pay more for solid wood custom cabinets, natural stone countertops, copper soaking tubs and other finishes and features commonly used in upscale remodeling projects. Although these items will increase your costs, they’ll last longer than inexpensive knock-offs and look better too. You won’t have to worry about corners that aren’t square, nicked tiles or finishes that wear away in a few years when you invest in quality products and expert craftsmanship.

You’ll Avoid Regrets When You Choose High-Quality Items

It’s tempting to settle for good enough when you’re beginning an expensive renovation project. Unfortunately, too many compromises may means that your dream kitchen or family room looks nothing like you envisioned. Before you decide to choose a lower-priced option, consider how the item will affect the look and the function of the room. You may shortchange yourself if you select a feature or product based on price alone.

Knowing When to Compromise Is Crucial

Sometimes compromises are worth it, sometimes they’re not. If you’ll still have plenty of light in your new family room if you eliminate a window, it may make sense to save a little money by getting rid of it. In some cases, you may find that compromises can affect the quality or appearance of your remodel. Generally, it’s best to avoid compromises that involve:

  • Structural Details:Shortcuts can affect your safety and delay the progress of your renovation if the work doesn’t pass inspections.
  • Appliances: High-end appliances look better, work better and often last longer than inexpensive models.
  • Electrical and Plumbing Systems: Leaks, fires and malfunctioning kitchens and bathrooms are a distinct possibility if you skimp on electrical and plumbing work.
  • Eliminating Must-Haves: If you’re remodeling because you don’t have enough room in your current kitchen, it doesn’t make sense to decrease the size of your addition to save a few bucks. Chances are that you’ll be just as unhappy with the size after the remodel, even though your kitchen will look much better. Eliminating essential items will defeat the purpose of renovating.

It’s Easier to Do It Right the First Time

Sure, you could remodel your house again, but will you really want to deal with the expense and the disruptions in a few years? Adding the features you want now will also be less expensive, as prices are sure to increase for virtually everything in the coming years. Incorporating all of the features you want will increase your enjoyment of your remodel and help you avoid costly regrets.

Establishing a relationship with a reputable home improvement and remodeling company is the key to a quality remodel. Master Remodelers’ design-build team specializes in helping Pittsburgh area homeowners create spaces they’ll enjoy for years to come. If quality is important to you, give us a call to discuss your project.



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