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Customer Kudos Launch Our 25th Year on a Great Note!

Posted by Helene McQuaide on 25th January 2013

While it was great to start 2013 and launch our 25th anniversary with two new, whole house renovations, we got something extra special in the mail this week. It’s an unsolicited testimonial letter for a job we just finished—an entire basement remodel including for energy efficiency and comfort.

Here’s a preview:

In considering all of the money we have spent on home improvements, it was definitely the best money we ever spent.”

We cherish these kinds of customer kudos, as much as our 22 awards. In the past we’ve gotten similar remodeling testimonials from customers, including about improved home energy savings and comfort. (read our blog, “Home Performance customers love the energy savings.”) This latest letter from a Mt. Lebanon customer sent January 15, 2013 is one of our favorites:

Dear Regis,

We’d like to thank you and your entire crew for making what could have been a very invasive project proceed very smoothly, and for producing such a beautiful result. Dan, Sam, Joe, Mark, Matt and Mike were meticulous in their work, respectful to our family, and a pleasure to have on our property. Anytime we had a question or a concern they addressed it immediately and with attention to detail, and in some cases thought of ideas and solutions that we had not.

I still can’t believe that I made it through an entire basement remodel without ever having to visit a laundromat! They were so wonderful about finding ways to temporarily hook up my machines, that I never had to go more than 3 days without laundry. I cannot imagine a nicer crew and look forward to having them return again for another job in the future.

The project exceeded our expectations, in part due to Junko’s ability to translate our vision into actual design choices. I appreciated her creative advice combined with fiscal responsibility in adhering to our budget. It soon became apparent that the space was turning out so beautifully that we would have to increase our furniture budget to compliment the beautiful surroundings! It was our first experience at creating a space from the ground up, and what a pleasure it was.

We also appreciated Brady’s responsiveness to any concerns or issues we had as the project progressed, and our BuilderTREND website page for all it provides in terms of a permanent record of our design choices. It made communication regarding the project easy to manage, and allowed us to stay abreast of any adjustments in budget. Brady always returned our emails or phone calls promptly and issues were resolved quickly.

At the completion of this, our second project with Master Remodelers, I wanted to express how you have not only improved the aesthetics of our home, but revitalized our older home into one that feels new again.


"When we decided to undertake the greening project to improve the energy efficiency of our home, I wasn’t feeling very excited to spend money on something that I wouldn’t be able to see."

But the results were a quieter, more energy efficient home that was warmer and cozier than I had ever imagined an older home could be. In considering all of the money we have spent on home improvements, it was definitely the best money we ever spent. Master Remodelers is providing a real service to homeowners in a community like Mt. Lebanon that has an inventory of older homes. You’re making the old new again.

Now that our home is warm, and our basement is beautiful, we’re looking forward to enjoying it for many years. Thanks for making it all we imagined.

Sincerely, Michelle C.

Thank you, Michelle!