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New 3-story 'Lifestyle' Home Addition

Posted by Helene McQuaide on 23rd April 2015

With four teenagers, this Mt. Lebanon couple wanted to expand their outdoor living and entertainment options, including during bad weather. A new 2-story home addition—plus a star-gazing roof deck—gives them that, plus an an easy connection to their pre-existing patio.

The 700 sq. ft. home addition (left) and expanded patio (right) provides many more outdoor living & entertaining options for this family.

(Notice these details: the new stone walls of the house exactly match the older ones of the original house; so do the wooden balconies, old and new. Likewise, the new section of flag stone in the patio matches the old.)

Like the majority of our projects, this one is a product of our unique, time-tested Design-Build process.

Home addition means new ways to enjoy the outdoors

On the ground floor of the addition is a new bar and recreation area that connects to a living room style lounge in the older part of the home. Sliding glass doors open to the lawn below the main patio. Plus, a new powder room down the hall serves guests and family enjoying the new spaces.

The addition doubled the size of the basement as you can see in this Before & After image below, with the living room in the older part of the home. Notice that in the new bar/recreation area, the new wood floor is an exact match to the older pre-existing one.

On the second level, the new screened in living room with TV and fireplace (below) opens to both the kitchen and to a small grilling deck outside; steps connect to the lower patio.

A new stone fireplace on the patio makes for cozy nights even in chilly weather because the uniquely efficient chimney design pushes heat out toward the seating area.

Bonus: on the 3rd level is an open-to-the-stars deck accessible from the bedroom level.

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