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Buckingham Trail

There is a synergy of entertainment space and utility in this open floor plan kitchen design. In addition to creating storage and functional efficiency and aesthetics, the renovation corrected structural issues. Gorgeous, full-view windows and doors open up to a lush and private backyard and deck.


  • Update the kitchen and fit the new design to the original interior while keeping the original rustic feel.
  • Larger kitchen working space.
  • Working island.
  • Connect Kitchen to two other rooms.
  • Improve lighting in kitchen.
  • Create a dry bar centerpiece in room with ample storage.


  • ​Designing within the limitations of post and beam log home construction.
  • Walls are solid wood with no cavity to run the electrical wiring and plumbing line.
  • Walls are not smooth and straight making it difficult to install cabinetry.
  • No cavity in ceiling for recessed lights.
  • Designing an efficient working kitchen.​​


Instead of taking away the entire existing pantry space and adding it to the kitchen, which was the client's thought, we suggested reducing the pantry by a couple of feet and adding that square footage to the kitchen area for the benefit of a handsome, storage infused center.​