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A fine home is all about the details. We've been breathing new life into Pittsburgh's unique landscape of homes since 1988, and from that extensive experience we've honed our process into a holistic and efficient method of delivering home design and remodeling with exceptional quality, style, and sustainability.




First we're going to talk. We want to learn who you are, where you live, and what it is about your home that doesn't feel quite right. We'll discuss your vision, ascertain possibilities and understand how fast you want changes to happen.

The information you provide will help us determine if our refined process is the right fit for your objectives. If so, we'll schedule an in-home consultation.


In-Home Consultation is the first step in the design build process.

One of our experienced consultants will visit your home for a 60 - 90 minute meeting to learn more about your vision. We will strongly suggest that both partners or relevant decision makers be present so that we can get a clear idea of the collective issues and concerns and answer everyones questions. We'll walk through your property to understand the kinds of challenges and issues you and your family are facing. Then we will brainstorm solutions, offer strategies, gain perspective and discuss a realistic budget and timeline based on this conversation. The purpose of this meeting is to understand if we want to work together. It's okay for both of us to say no if the fit isn't right, but if it is, we'll formally move into our D&B process which begins with project development.

Design Build Development starts based on what we agree is your vision.


We've talked awhile, you trust that we get what you're after, and you're ready to partner with us to go further down the road, fleshing out ideas to determine what's feasible. For fee of 5-10% based on the scope of your project, you will begin Phase 1 of our three-phase development process.

Our architectural designer will come to your home and consult on what is possible for your space, address any issues with structural concerns, code updates and/or zoning restrictions, and establish a scope of construction. We will discuss time frames and project a realistic budget. Having your property survey available to us is helpful but not necessary. If one is not available we will recommend a surveyor. At this point, we've delivered our expertise to assist you in determining what it will take to bring your project to fruition.

If you are happy with what you have gained in Phase I, you'll continue to retain our services and move into Phase II. This is where we turn ideas into visuals. Over the course of a few weeks our design team will take measurements and photos, consider existing floor plans and architecture, examine governmental regulations and concerns and formulate construction strategies. We will deliver a more formally defined scope of work and you'll see your objectives take shape on paper and in state of the art 3D computer aided images. We'll discuss what is possible for your space, get real with you about costs, flag any concerns and forecast realistic timelines.

If during this process the project feels like it is costing more than you're comfortable with, we can make adjustments to the design or the scope of work as appropriate to align with your budget. We will try to arrive at a solution that works for you. For everyone's convenience, we'll recommend using video conferencing to review plans and make minor adjustments to keep the project moving forward.

Next, we'll present a Proposal with actual costs using ascertained trade and vendor quotes and project data. If you're happy with the way things are moving, we will initiate the Construction Agreement so that we can put your project on our production schedule, move you into Phase III of Development which focuses on the selection process, and begin finalizing your materials.

Materials Management is easier because we help you make decisions.

Our design development team has been working with you from the beginning and is now guiding you into the final phase of Design Development Agreement which means you're making your final product selections. We're giving you all the help you want with selecting appliances, materials and finishes all the way through to paint color, while at the same time preparing for Construction.

Phase III of Development strategically overlaps our Construction Agreement so that we can begin ordering your building materials while lining up delivery dates on the calendar so that when construction begins, production timelines flow efficiently and the process falls into place like dominoes.

The total fee for a three phase Design Development Agreement process typically runs between 5-10% of the Construction Agreement cost, depending on the size of the project, how many design options you wish to see and how much of our assistance you would like to have in making product selections throughout.

Our dynamic Design Build process effectively puts you in the driver's seat with control of making informed choices, establishing firm costs and meeting deadlines.


Construction Begins and the design build process is put to work.

It will be a truly memorable day when our talented, professional construction team and specialty trades people arrive at your home and begin their work in a safe, organized and tidy manner. Your Lead Carpenter will coordinate all work and personnel, interact daily with you, arrange for inspections and follow the plans and schedule. Our team will communicate with you frequently and you will also enjoy the ease of approving orders, seeing daily progress photos and team-communication through our customer project management system which you can access 24/7 on the homepage of our website.

Vetted Professionals are shared with you to insure your vision.

Additionally, we have great working relationships with talented and trusted tradespeople as well as interior design partners that have helped our clients make their spaces come alive with ambiance enhancements and beautiful furnishings. Having professionals manage home design details from start to finish ensures all productivity, efficient time management, and contentment for you.


Design build added benefit, post-construction backup and service.

As we reach the end of construction we will make any necessary tweaks and adjustments and help you get acclimated to your new space. There can be little issues that arise as the house settles and as expansion and contraction occurs throughout the first year after construction. We are ready to come back promptly and stand behind our work with unparalleled customer satisfaction and a significant warranty on our work. Our reputation for high quality customer service has been our hallmark of success and growth. We want to create a lasting relationship with you and be your go-to Design Build partner over your lifetime!