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About Sewickley, PA

Sewickley is a small borough with a population of around 3,800. For those looking for a local feel with the charm of an old downtown and the pretty views along the Ohio River, Sewickley is the perfect place to call home.

Located in Alleghany County and in the Quaker Valley School District, it is a residential suburb of Pittsburgh. Sewickley boasts beautiful parks, bountiful public transportation, upscale boutiques and shops, and beautiful homes throughout. This quiet town is known for its parades, events, and quiet lifestyle.

Sewickley Home Remodeling

Sewickley is known for its older homes and more affluent neighbors.

As a bourough of Pittsburgh, it benefits from the city’s great opportunities. With incredible restaurants, museums, sportsplexes, events, shops, and more so nearby, Sewickley feels like a quiet respite away from the big city bustle.

Sewickley melds the quiet charm of a northeastern town with the affluence and upscale feel of big city opportunity. Its quiet streets boast large lots and homes dotted with well-manicured yards.

So what does that leave by way of your dream home?

You don’t have to give up your dream home just because the homes in Sewickley tend to be older and more closed off. That’s where Design Build Remodeling comes into play.

Existing walls and layouts are merely a suggestion when remodeling with Master Remodelers. We see not only your dreams but also the full potential of a home. Together, we can realize these dreams.

Why Choose Master Remodelers in Sewickley

We know that finding the perfect neighborhood can be a difficult search. Finding the perfect school district, downtown, and neighborhood are far more important than the existing walls of your house. If you have chosen Sewickley as your ideal location, then leave the rest to us. Whether you are hoping to modify your home’s exterior, add space, take down walls, or any other remodeling needs, we can help.

Give us a ring and let's get the design conversation started today.

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