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Point Breeze

Point Breeze

About Point Breeze, PA

A largely residential area in Pittsburgh, Point Breeze is a smaller borough of the big city named after a tavern that once stood there. With a population of nearly 5000, the charm of Point Breeze is undeniable.

Point Breeze is the best of all worlds. It has major green spaces with lots of parks and is centrally located near restaurants and shopping. It also boasts some of the best schools in the area, as well as an art and historical center. While the homes may be large and older, the community is the perfect place to raise a family.

Point Breeze Home Remodeling

Point Breeze is centrally located near excellent restaurants, boutiques, spas, shopping, and more.

Between the beautiful historical homes and large yard spaces, Point Breeze has become a popular place to move for raising families. An influx of families and young professionals continues to drive up the cost of buying and building new homes.

But for those looking for the benefits of an older Point Breeze home, remodeling is the perfect answer.

Why Choose Master Remodelers
in Point Breeze

We know that finding the perfect neighborhood can feel like serendipity. If you have chosen Point Breeze as your perfect location, then leave the rest to us. Whether you are hoping to modify your home’s exterior, expand space, take down walls, or any other design build remodeling needs, we can help.

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