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Mt. Lebanon

Mt. Lebanon

About Mt. Lebanon, PA

Mt. Lebanon is the perfect combination of neighborhood friendly and downtown chic. With its boutiques, restaurants, and architecture, the growing city has become a beautiful metropolitan. Between

The first settlers who arrived in modern day Mt. Lebanon in 1773 were descendants of William Penn. Named after the landscape from which the settlers came, Mt. Lebanon slowly grew into a township of its own. Today, the city boasts a population of over 33,000 along with continually growing neighborhoods and industry alike.

Mt. Lebanon Home Remodeling

While Mt. Lebanon began as a commercial-focus for the residents, it quickly grew into a large city. Roughly 7 miles south of Pittsburgh, Mt. Lebanon is one of the quickest growing suburbs off of the big city.

As those moving to live in Pittsburgh quickly turned to the surrounding suburbs for more spacious and beautiful homes, Mt. Lebanon became even more popular. Pittsburgh grew and Mt. Lebanon grew even quicker, welcoming in residents and commercial industry.

The price of land and historical homes was lower in Mt. Lebanon than in Pittsburgh. Between the larger yards, more spacious homes, and more modern design style, remodeling quickly grew into popularity in the area.

Now, those looking for a home that suits their family’s design taste and size turn to Design Build Remodeling to find their dream home.

Why Choose Master Remodelers in
Mt. Lebanon

You deserve your dream home, inside and out. With the help of a visionary designer and a powerful Design Build team, we can deliver just that. Stop worrying about space, updated design, or modernized paint color and contact the professionals who can make your dream a reality.

You already live in one of the most beautiful cities in the country – filled with art, music, food, and culture. Your home should be a reflection of all of those things and what they mean to you. Let’s get started today.

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