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Montour and Moon Township

Montour and Moon Township

About Moon Township, PA

Moon is a quickly growing residential neighborhood near Pittsburgh and has evolved significantly since its beginnings as a farm-based community. As the oldest township in Allegheny County, founded in 1788, Moon recently reaching a population of 24,000. Located 12 miles Northwest of Pittsburgh, it's close enough for easy access but just far enough to maintain a close-knit neighborhood feel with all the amenities of a modern city - from great schools to even better shopping and restaurants.

Moon Township Home Remodeling

Moon is known for its excellent schools, quality of life, active community, and strategic location. It's one of the quicker growing boroughs of Pittsburgh as the location, amenities, and lot sizes make it particularly desirable.

Between the beautiful historical homes, amenities, and location near Pittsburgh's continually burgeoning city life, Moon has become a very popular neighborhood. And as families and young professionals continue to discover this area, the cost of buying and building a new home continues to grow.

But for those looking for the character of an older Pittsburgh home, Design Build Remodeling is the perfect answer.

Why Choose Master Remodelers in Moon Township

Imagine coming home to your dream home in this perfect family-oriented neighborhood. And, instead of having to make do with its old layout, dated design, or any other issues that come with historical homes, you could have a stunning home.

Rather than feel stuck with your current home, allow us to build your dreams into reality. Because after a long day, there is no better feeling than being able to sigh out your relief to be able to come to your beautiful home.

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