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Fox Chapel

Fox Chapel

About Fox Chapel, PA

Fox Chapel is a smaller, cozy neighborhood just six miles north of the heart of downtown Pittsburgh. Its spacious homes and large lots make it the perfect location for families.

Fox Chapel’s history is illustrious and quite incredible. One of the earliest settlements of America, its claim to fame includes playing host to a march by George Washington among many other historical events. From the French and Indian Wars to the Revolutionary War, Fox Chapel has withstood centuries of American history.

Fox Chapel Home Remodeling

Fox Chapel is home to under 6,000 residents. While situated on over 7 sq miles of land, this offers more sprawling land and homes.

These homes, however, tend to be dated and historical. Closed off main levels, old school wall paper, and fireplaces that are no longer trendy, many Fox Chapel homes are in need of a face lift.

So what does that mean for you and your dream home?

You don’t have to give up your dream home just because the homes in Fox Chapel are historical. That’s where Design Build Remodeling enters the equation.

Home restoration and remodeling are among our favorite projects. When remodeling with Master Remodelers, we see not only your homeowner dreams, but we also the full potential of a historical house. It is our mission to manifest both of those realities for your family’s home.

Why Choose Master Remodelers in
Fox Chapel

Discovering the right neighborhood can be a difficult search, especially if you are considering a commute, career, education, and any number of influences. If you have already fallen in love with Fox Chapel, then allow us to take over. Whether you are hoping to restore your home’s exterior, add space, improve the home’s flow, or any other design build remodeling needs, we can help.

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