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Outdoor projects continue

While many home owners are being forced to rethink their remodeling plans, it’s still possible to begin outdoor projects, such as hardscaping, patio areas or outdoor kitchens, as they only need one outside design visit. No face-to-face contact keeps everyone safe.

Experts at virtual collaboration

Virtual working methods easily take care of the planning stages, which can take between 2-4 months. You don’t need to use any special software. These are working practices we’ve been using for many years so the process is tried and tested. Simple tools like videoconferencing, FaceTime and phone calls ensure that projects can flow without physical meetings, while our online dashboard allows you to see samples and the selections being made and follow the whole design process.

Virtual Design ervices Couple
Get a digital headstart

By sharing plans and designs and agreeing to a timeline and budget virtually, when things return to some kind of normality, your project is ready to begin. So if you’re thinking about creating any hardscape project for the summer and beyond, please do get in touch.