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Frequently Asked Questions

Home remodeling is a big decision. You might have some questions before moving forward so please just pick up the phone and give us a call. In the meantime, here some FAQs compiled from genuine customer questions over the years. We hope they help.

Are all Design-Build firms alike?

In short, the answer is, 'no'. Many firms call themselves Design-Build but do little more than move some cabinetry around on a software program to make a pretty picture of your room. We thrive on applying our architectural, engineering and construction expertise on historical, unique and custom homes in the Pittsburgh area.

What makes Master Remodelers unique is that we provide a highly-curated design experience, along with expertise in HVAC, water issues and accessibility, based on universal design. We are smart designers in that regard because we know a beautiful home is not just about the way it looks but equally important is how it stands up against nature's harsh elements and how it feels to live in.

We also care deeply about the sustainability of the materials and products we use so that you can enjoy your purchase without call-backs.

Also, we do not have a showroom nor do we try to sell you a particular brand or cabinet company that pays us a commission. The world is your oyster in terms of acquiring the look, the materials and products in the marketplace to create a unique look for your home.

Working with our customers, everything we choose together is specifically to enhance the integrity and value of a space and the existing architecture of the your home.

Do I need an architect?

It can be confusing trying to understand what professionals you need in order to do a major home construction project. In Pittsburgh, you do not need to hire an architect and in many cases, an architect is less likely to be familiar with the unique challenges related to remodeling and expanding older Pittsburgh homes.

What you need is a team of the right specialists who understand how to help you make your old Pittsburgh home functional, beautiful and comfortable at a price you can afford, delivered through a trustworthy and positive experience. This is what we've been doing day in and day out for over 30 years. We would love to help you and your family feel good in your home.

Design-Build means we deliver everything from your architect plans to building the project itself. You only need to deal with one company - the buck stops with us.

Do I need an interior designer?

Although we do not have an interior designer on our staff, we do have trade partners in interior aesthetics who will help you express your style and choose the furnishings you'll love.

A professional interior designer can add a lot to your project. You're going to the effort and expense to create a new vibe for your home and an interior designer can bring lots of furnishing ideas and resources to the table.

Our Principal Project designer, Junko, has a natural eye for beauty and expertise in Design-Build. She has assisted numerous customers in making material and color selections to create the look they wanted, while ensuring that the new space integrates seamlessly with the old.

Is Master Remodelers right for you?

Regis and Helene started Master Remodelers 32 years ago in the basement of their home. Over the years, it has evolved from a classic remodeling business to an upscale, boutique Design-Build firm with a team of specialists, completing just 10-15 high-end projects a year. This means we can engage with clients and give them a personal service that so many other firms lack.

As an integrated team, we provide a highly curated design experience lead by our principal, certified designer, Junko. Our focus is on renewing and expanding the older, unique and custom upscale homes in Pittsburgh neighborhoods. We do not have a showroom nor do we represent a particular brand or cabinet company. We do not do commercial work, we don’t flip houses and we aren’t a traditional kitchen and bath dealer model.

Our Design-Build model fosters a daily collaborative relationship between design and production to adapt to site conditions and modifications. This ensures a smooth and steady delivery of the design vision, production efficiency and satisfactory customer experience. We can deliver customized, optimized solutions more quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively than a fragmented group of independent parties.

Over a 3-4 month period, we take customers through an exploratory design process where they make their product selections with our guidance and the mutually determined design vision. This produces a feasible set of construction plans, a timeline and an all inclusive budget. The end result is not only a beautiful space but also sustainable, long-term construction performance and climate comfort.

After more than thirty years in the business, we believe our model is the best in class to achieve customer satisfaction and create an experience and product our team can be proud of.