First we're going to talk

We want to learn who you are, what your lifestyle is and what it is about your home that doesn't feel quite right. We'll discuss your vision, uncover possibilities and understand how fast you want changes to happen.

This information helps us determine if our process is the right fit for your objectives. If so, we'll schedule an in-home consultation and kick-off our six steps to success.


The first step

In-Home Consultation

One of our experienced consultants will visit your home to learn more about your vision and understand what challenges and issues you and your family are facing. We brainstorm solutions and discuss budgets and possible timelines.

What's the outcome?

  • The purpose of this meeting is to understand if we want to work together
  • It's fine for either one of us to decide if the fit isn't right
  • If it is, we formally move into our Design-Build process which begins with project development

Step 2

Design-Build development starts

Our expertise determines how to make your project a reality.

We'll discuss what is possible for your space, get real with you about costs, flag any concerns, turn ideas into visuals and forecast realistic timelines.

What makes it happen?

  • Junko. our Chief Architectural Designer visits your home for an in-depth consultation
  • We examine governmental regulations, existing architecture and uncover any hidden challenges
  • Construction strategies are formulated
  • Scope of work document and cost projections are created
  • Chief architect plans and 3D digital models help visualise your dream

Step 3

Materials Management

Part of the project development phase includes materials and product selection. Our design development team has been working with you from the beginning and is now guiding and helping you make decisions on materials so we can move into construction.

  • This includes selecting appliances, materials and finishes, all the way through to paint colors
  • We order materials and line up delivery dates so construction timelines flow effortlessly
  • As your dream home ideas evolve, we manage the details of your vision while adhering to budget
  • It's a discipline that leaves little surprise in the end as we guide you to achieve the look, feel and functionality that you want

Step 4

Vetted professionals

In addition to our in-house team, we have great working relationships with talented and trusted tradespeople as well as interior design partners, should you need their services too. These people are natural extensions of Master Remodelers and have helped countless clients with the finishing touches to make their spaces come alive.


Step 5

Construction begins

It's a truly memorable day when our talented, professional construction team arrives at your home and starts work in a safe, organized and tidy manner.

After all the effort and trust you've devoted to making your dream happen, we'll deliver impeccable results. Master Remodelers want you to be so satisfied that you'll come back for more. We aim to be your Design-Build partner for life.

What helps it go so smoothly?

  • Your Lead Carpenter will coordinate all work and personnel, interact daily with you, arrange for inspections and follow the plans and schedule
  • Our Design-Build approach saves you time and money as all processes are tightly integrated
  • Our team communicates with you frequently via our customer project management system, available 24/7
  • Daily progress photos help keep you up-to-date

Step 6

Post-construction back-up and customer service

As we reach the end of construction we will make any necessary tweaks and adjustments and help you become settled in your new, perfected surroundings.

But our customer service doesn't stop there.

There can be minor issues as a house settles and as expansion and contraction occurs throughout the first year after construction. We are ready to come back promptly if needed and stand behind our work with unparalleled customer satisfaction, offering significant warranties on all our projects.

Our reputation for high quality customer service has been our hallmark of success and growth. We always aim to create lasting relationships and be your go-to Design-Build partner over your lifetime!